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    Huge interest in Etihad jobs


    MORE THAN 300 people applied for about 50 jobs based in Abu Dhabi at an open day held by Etihad Airways in Dublin yesterday. About 200 applicants attended in person while at least 100 sent in CVs, with more expected to apply.

    Many of those at the open day in the Burlington Hotel were former employees with SR Technics, which announced over 1,100 job cuts earlier this year.

    One man told The Irish Times he had worked as an aircraft maintenance engineer with SR Technics for 10 years. He has been out of work since June and is drawing the dole for the first time in his life. The 47-year-old said he has no other option but to look for work abroad. I have three children, Im married. I have two of them in college in the UK at the moment. Its very hard trying to pay for that when youre on social welfare.

    He said that he and his former colleagues were highly skilled in specialised industries, adding that the revenue created by these jobs was a huge loss to the country.

    Fawzi Kilali (47), formerly an aircraft mechanic with SR Technics, has been living in Ireland for 14 years. He said he had to go abroad in order to retain his aviation qualifications. Your licence might not be updated if you dont keep working in the same field.

    Silviu Bulai (26), a qualified aircraft mechanic, applied for both a technical job and for a cabin crew position. When my apprenticeship finished I was struggling to find even small contracts, he said.

    One man, still employed in line maintenance at SR Technics, said he applied to Etihad because he fears his job will be at risk when the summer high season ends.Another, a cabin crew applicant, is currently employed with Aer Lingus. You dont know whether your job will go next, he said.

    Etihad Airways chief executive James Hogan said the company was recruiting in Ireland because of the highly skilled workforce. Successful applicants will be moving to Abu Dhabi where personal incomes are not liable to tax.

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    ? Riepilogo per chi ha istruzione bassa


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      Che pure in Irlanda piangono, oltre che in Spagna e ovviamente in Italia. Sul sito Etihad il 10 agosto è stata pubblicato un open day a Dublino per tecnici e assistenti di volo per la prima volta (Etihad non fa open days generalmente, ma assessment days, ovvero chi partecipa è stato invitato in base al proprio curriculum). Per esempio al mio assessment day (su invito) eravamo massimo 40.
      Bene, il 12 di agosto, due giorni dopo, si sono presentate 300 persone per 50 posti disponibili totali (tra tecnici e assistenti di volo). La notizia non farebbe forse scalpore se ci trovassimo in Cina o in India. Però pensare che in Irlanda sono pronte a migrare 300 persone in due giorni fa capire che ciò che era considerato un Paese conveniente per la bassa imposizione fiscale ha risentito fortissimamente per la crisi e per l'aver impostato quasi tutta la propria economia sui servizi.

      Inoltre il fatto che 300 persone si siano presentate per una selezione pubblicizzata solo 2 giorni prima indica che molti credono che Etihad sia una opportunità.


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        Grazie di aver riassunto
        Etihad mi piace sempre di più... forse forse...


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          Grazie di aver riassunto
          Etihad mi piace sempre di pi... forse forse...
          Eh... ma se non sai l'inglese la vedo dura... molto...
          Non sono Marco.Aer3 di che copia e incolla senza nemmeno citare la fonte!!


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            Eh... ma se non sai l'inglese la vedo dura... molto...
            In che senso? Io parlavo come di passeggero, forse c'è un ?, o capito male io, bho non capisco più niente


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              In che senso? Io parlavo come di passeggero, forse c' un ?, o capito male io, bho non capisco pi niente
              RETTORE per favore intervieni perch stanno distruggendo la lingua di Dante


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                RETTORE per favore intervieni perchè stanno distruggendo la lingua di Dante
                Non fare caso a quello che scrivo, delle volte(molte) non connetto sono come Wolly

                Ha scritto il secchione di turno( in buona fede)


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                  Etihad Airways have defied the global economic challenges, posting this month its best load factors yet and its chief executive saying that it may enter the hospitality industry.

                  Traffic for the airline reached 616,000 passengers in July, representing a 9 percent increase in passengers compared to the same month last year and its busiest month in its history.

                  With such great demand, CEO James Hogan told the Emirates News Agency that the Abu Dhabi airline was considering entering the hospitality industry by creating its own hotels.

                  Hogan said the carrier aimed to make Abu Dhabi an international city and a tourism and investment centre by 2030, already forging a strong partnership with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and the Tourism Development and Investment Company.

                  It has also launched a special company to run the network of its world destinations and which works to develop and boost the tourism infrastructure of Abu Dhabi.

                  Hogan said the company would make available a broad range of trade and entertainment activities for visitors to the region, with a focus on tours, safari trips and VIP services.

                  The carrier has also signed sponsorship agreements with the F1, Ferrari team and the Chelsea football club of which it is the official carrier. It has also put the F1 logo on more than 40 aircraft to promote the championship.

                  Etihad also sponsors Harlequins Rugby, Hurling Championships, Abu Dhabi Golf Championship and Etihad Melbourne Stadium.

                  The carrier is now in talks to conclude a partnership deal with American Airlines to fly Etihad's passengers on the Chicago route to 27 US cities.

                  It plans to start services to Chicago in September and Tokyo in the first quarter of next year.


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