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Discussione: Consegne e notizie sugli A380

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    Future of the Airbus A380 on the Line as Emirates Considers A350 Switch

    • Superjumbo orders may be swapped for newer A350 wide-body
    • Decision would lead planemaker to shutter production line

    A year after Airbus SE won what appeared to be a lifesaving order for its A380 double-decker, the flagship program’s future is once again on the line.

    Gulf carrier Emirates may convert some or all of its most recent 20 superjumbo orders into smaller A350s, people familiar with the matter said. That would slash the backlog and lead Airbus to kill off a plane that’s had limited interest from other airlines, just 11 years after it entered commercial service.

    Airbus would keep the superjumbo going until other outstanding orders for the model were fulfilled, mostly from an earlier Emirates deal, according to the people, who asked not to be named as the talks are private. But the move would ultimately mean shuttering a production line the manufacturer has fought to retain in anticipation of a revival in demand.

    Wavering Pillar

    Emirates accounts for 61% of outstanding A380 orders

    Source: Company, Jefferies International

    Toulouse, France-based Airbus seemed to have secured the A380’s future when it agreed last January to sell as many as 36 planes to Emirates. Since then, though, it has struggled to find an engine maker willing to meet the carrier’s price and performance demands. An alliance of General Electric Co. and Pratt & Whitney showed little enthusiasm, while incumbent supplier Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc has failed to agree terms after months of negotiations.

    Airbus said in a stock-exchange statement after markets closed Thursday that it’s in discussions with Emirates in relation to the A380 contract, which includes 16 options. Shares of the manufacturer traded 1.3 percent higher as of 9:11 a.m. in Paris on Friday.

    Emirates, which is closely held, said talks were ongoing, while London-based Rolls-Royce declined to comment. The turbine-maker’s stock was up 1.8 percent.
    Jefferies International aviation analyst Sandy Morris called the Airbus comments “bland, but ominous,” adding: “If a significant portion of the Emirates order is canceled we believe the A380 program must end.”
    The airline’s planned move from capacity-constrained Dubai International airport to the new Dubai World Central hub around 2024 may be coloring its thinking about the need to have the very biggest passenger plane, Morris said.
    Airbus is already cutting A380 production to eight aircraft this year, dropping to six annually from 2020. Even that plan relied on securing the latest Emirates deal, billed as program-saving when it was unveiled by the manufacturer’s then sales chief John Leahy.
    Scrapping the superjumbo would end losses on each plane at the lower production level and free up factories for increased output of smaller models, but could also expose Airbus to a 1 billion-euro cash outflow from state funding that might need to be repaid, according to Morris.
    The A380 had an unfilled backlog of 87 planes at the end of 2018, the analyst said, of which only the 53 ordered by Emirates and three by Japan’s ANA Holdings Inc. could be regarded as “robust,” he said, which some having sat on the books for years.


    Rolls and Emirates have been at loggerheads over the specifics of the engine accord, with A380s from the earlier order becoming a bargaining chip as the Dubai-based airline initially refused to take delivery of some aircraft.
    The deal now under review was delayed amid wrangling over the engine contract, with Emirates calling off an announcement at the 2017 Dubai Air Show. The sale was revived three months later after the two sides struck an agreement that left final terms undecided.

    Even as other carriers lost interest in the A380, Emirates has been reluctant to give up on a plane central to its strategy of tapping Dubai’s location at a natural global crossroads to become the world’s biggest long-haul carrier. President Tim Clark has been one of the most vocal backers of the jet, which the company loads up with as many as 615 passengers for globe-trotting trips.
    A switch to the A350 would revisit a 2007 order that Emirates canceled in 2014, saying it wasn’t convinced the plane matched its requirements. The state-owned airline had agreed to buy 50 A350-900s and 20 larger -1000s for delivery starting this year, worth $16 billion at the time.
    Adding the smaller plane, which features composite wings and two engines, making it more fuel efficient than the four-turbine A380, would give Emirates a three-model lineup. As well as being the No. 1 superjumbo operator the carrier also has the biggest fleet of Boeing Co. 777s and is the leading customer for the upgraded 777X model.


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    SKA a LDE.

    Clicca sull'immagine per ingrandirla. 

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    però che tristezza vedere una macchina di 13/14 anni ridotta già cosi... certifica il fallimento...

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    Predefinito Re: Consegne e notizie sugli A380 una macchina del genere, non può essere utilizzata come cargo?

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    Quote Originariamente inviato da nico.dat Visualizza il messaggio una macchina del genere, non può essere utilizzata come cargo?
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    Se ricordo bene il suo problema come cargo era sullo scarso playload in confronto ai volumi disponibili tale da renderlo antieconomico.

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    Predefinito Re: Consegne e notizie sugli A380

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    Qantas cancella l’ordine di 8 A380

    Qantas says it has cancelled its outstanding order for eight A380s after discussions with Airbus.

    The eight aircraft were part of an order for 20 A380s made in 2006.

    “Following discussions with Airbus, Qantas has now formalised its decision not to take eight additional A380s that were ordered in 2006,” Qantas said in a statement on Thursday.

    “These aircraft have not been part of the airline’s fleet and network plans for some time.”

    The change was expected to be reflected in the Airbus Orders and Deliveries summary for January 2019.

    There have been 321 total orders for the A380 since it was launched in the early 2000s, according to the Airbus website. At December 31 2019, 234 of the type had been delivered, leaving the backlog standing at 87 aircraft.

    The Australian flag carrier was the third airline to take delivery of the world’s largest passenger aircraft behind launch customer Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Emirates Airline in October 2007 and July 2008, respectively.

    Qantas’s first A380, VH-OQA Nancy-Bird Walton arrived in Sydney on September 21 2008. Eleven more followed in the next three and a bit years, with the 12th A380, VH-OQL Phyllis Arnott, delivered in December 2011.

    A file image of Qantas Airbus A380 VH-OQL Phyllis Arnott. (Seth Jaworski)
    The first long-haul service with Nancy-Bird Walton was Melbourne-Los Angeles which kicked off on October 20 2008 and the network gradually expanded to include Sydney-Los Angeles, Sydney-Singapore-London and Melbourne-Singapore-London.

    The A380 has also allowed Qantas to establish new nonstop routes such as Sydney-Dallas/Fort Worth, replacing the Boeing 747-400ER which previously operated a Sydney-Dallas/Fort Worth-Brisbane-Sydney rotation. For a time it was the longest nonstop airline flight in commercial aviation.

    VIDEO: A promotional video explaining the use of the Airbus A380 between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth, as shown on Qantas’s YouTube channel.

    And Qantas has also in recent times deployed the A380 to Hong Kong, adding extra capacity during peak travel periods such as Chinese New Year and school holidays.

    Initial plans had Qantas potentially operating up to 30 A380s. However, the firm order book eventually stood at 20 aircraft.

    While those eight remaining A380s remained listed as “on order” for many years, the thinking at Qantas’s Mascot headquarters has been that they would never be taken.

    Although the order for eight new aircraft has been now formally cancelled, Qantas is continuing to invest in the A380 fleet.

    Now in its second decade flying in Qantas colours, the airline is conducting what it describes as a multi-million dollar upgrade of the aircraft’s interiors.

    The mid-life refurbishment program, which is being managed by Airbus, includes replacing the SkyBed II business class and premium economy seats with a similar product to what appears on Qantas’ Boeing 787-9s and Airbus A330s, a new upstairs lounge area and an enhancement of its first class offering.

    The work was due to get underway by the middle of calendar 2019 and be completed before the end of 2020.

    “Qantas remains committed to a major upgrade of its existing A380s, which begins in mid-calendar 2019 and will see us operate the aircraft well into the future,” Qantas said.

    As Qantas usually operates aircraft for about 20 years, a decision on what aircraft will eventually replace the A380 in the fleet will not have to be made for quite some time.

    The airline’s evaluation of how many A380s it needs in the future is likely to be impacted by the prospect of being able to operate nonstop flights from Australia’s east coast to London Heathrow and New York with either the A350 or Boeing 777X that is currently being considered under Project Sunrise.

    Meanwhile, Qantas said its Boeing 747 fleet would be reduced to nine by the end of February 2019 with one aircraft to be retired by the end of the month. The last 747 was scheduled to be withdrawn by the end of 2020, in time for the airline’s centenary celebrations.

    In terms of outstanding orders, Qantas has six 787-9s due for delivery from the end of 2019 while its low-cost carrier arm Jetstar was expected to receive the first of 18 A321LRs (also known as the A321neoLR) from mid-2020.

    A slide presentation from Qantas outlining potential routes for Project Sunrise. (Qantas)A slide presentation from Qantas outlining potential routes for Project Sunrise. (Qantas)

    The removal of Qantas’s eight A380s from the Airbus order book followed United Kingdom-based Virgin Atlantic formally cancelling its order for six of the type in March 2018.

    Airbus also removed an order for 10 A380s that had previously been allocated to an undisclosed customer in its December summary.

    There could be further changes to the order book after Airbus confirmed it had held talks with Emirates regarding the airline’s existing orders for A380 aircraft.

    “Airbus SE confirms it is in discussions with Emirates Airline in relation to its A380 contract,” Airbus said in a statement after it was reported Emirates was considering changing its recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 36 A380s that was signed in January 2018 to the Airbus’s A350.

    “The details of Airbus’ commercial discussions with customers remain confidential.”

    Emirates is the largest of the A380’s 14 operators by some margin, with 109 in the fleet and a further 53 on order at December 31, according to the Airbus orders and deliveries figures.

    The next largest operator is Singapore Airlines (SIA), which has 19 A380s, followed by Lufthansa with 14. British Airways and Qantas are next with 12 each.

    The A380, which is world’s largest passenger aircraft, has struggled for sales in recent times, with carriers preferring twin-engine variants to serve their long-haul routes.

    In response to the weakness in the very large passenger aircraft market, Airbus has slowed the production rate of the A380 from 15 aircraft delivered in 2017 to 12 aircraft in 2018. The company has said previously it expected to deliver eight A380s in 2019.

    Airbus has also sought to make the A380 more efficient and improve the aircraft’s operating economics through features such as new fuel saving winglets.

    Packaged together and called A380plus, the initiatives included extending maintenance intervals, aerodynamic changes to the wing and previously announced “cabin enablers” to add more seats.

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    E' la certificazione di una realtà nota da tempo. Sarebbe bene che anche Amedeo e quella cosa strana che è Air Accord facessero lo stesso.

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    Quote Originariamente inviato da belumosi Visualizza il messaggio
    E' la certificazione di una realtà nota da tempo. Sarebbe bene che anche Amedeo e quella cosa strana che è Air Accord facessero lo stesso.
    Probabilmente aspettano la chiusura del programma per uscirne senza penali.

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    Scrapping in progress!

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    No vabbè ma che tristezza!

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    Un "successo"...??? La faccia come il deretano.

    Airbus Still Considers The A380 A Success

    Earlier this year Airbus announced the end of the A380 program. Despite the aircraft not breaking even, Airbus considers the A380 as a success due to its impact on the A350. Airbus’ new CEO made the comments at a Toulouse press conference yesterday.

    Airbus considers the A380 a success. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying
    The Airbus A380 is widely regarded as a marvel of aviation engineering around the globe. Due to its impressive size, it is capable of carrying hundreds of passengers between two points, however, its size would eventually prove to be the aircraft’s eventual downfall. As such, the Airbus A380 project never broke even, despite its potential.
    A game changer?
    The Airbus A380 was designed as a real gamechanger. With its two complete passenger decks, the aircraft was to transform passenger travel, and to some extent it did. In fact, the aircraft was well suited to some high-density long haul routes such as London to Los Angeles. The main USP of the aircraft was, however, one of its biggest problems.

    Take Norwegian Air as an example. Due to the grounding of Boeing 787 aircraft, they found themselves in a position where they had to hire HiFly’s A380. They initially flew their usual schedule with the aircraft, but soon found out that New York did not have space along with the other A380s it had at that time.
    The A380’s giant size dictates that it needs a special infrastructure. Indeed, London Gatwick, which plays host to Emirates’ A380 has just one gate which the aircraft can use off of Taxiway Q. The aircraft isn’t able to taxi to any other gate. Indeed, when Airbus executives attempted to sell the A380 in India, they were met with infrastructure concerns.

    The Airbus A380 is well suited to certain routes. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying
    A380 a success
    At a press briefing in Toulouse, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury told reporters he believed the Airbus A380 was a success. However, according to Leeham News, the reason is not what you might expect.

    They report that the aircraft was a success as “the A380 led the path to the successful development and production of the successful A350 and the transformation of Airbus into what it is today.” Indeed, the A380’s introduction was fairly unsettled with an 18-month delay caused by faulty wiring. Meanwhile, the A350’s introduction went without a hitch.

    The lessons learned from the A380’s introduction were put into practice with the A350. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying
    Interestingly, Leeham also reports on a question of finances asked by Reuters Aerospace News. Airbus received launch aid from Germany to the tune of $600m. However, this has not been paid back. The Reuters reported questioned why, if the project had been considered a success. Reports indicate that Airbus did not answer the question. Airbus will continue to support the A380 as long as it flies.
    Do you consider the Airbus A380 to be a success or a flop? Let us know in the comments!

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    Proprio l’altra sera guardavo un documentario sul viaggio che fanno i pezzi e tronconi del 380, per arrivare a Tolosa....nn sapevo che avevano anche una nave di proprietà!!!!

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    Questa sera su Focus TV canale 35 chi fosse interessato alle 21:15 - 22:15 Airbus A350: la star del cielo

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    Per quello che puó valere, sembra che un nuovo operatore possa aggiungersi alla lista dei clienti del 380: Bamboo, nuova linea aerea vietnamita che spera di essere la prima ad operare voli diretti tra Vietnam ed USA dal prossimo anno, con un 380 in leasing magari!

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