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Discussione: All-business, ma regional: Aura

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    Predefinito All-business, ma regional: Aura

    Base negli USA, prezzi fissi, 8 posti in First, 21 in Business, il tutto racchiuso dentro un numero imprecisato di CRJ-700.
    Partenza prevista: 2019

    This private airline will basically let you fly first class for the price of an economy ticket

    Aura plans to launch two luxury classes for passengers
    • If you ever wanted a semi-private jet experience without the hassles of ownership, Aura wants you as a passenger.
    • Choose from two luxury classes — First and Wave — that bring gourmet food and drink, tons of legroom, and endless high-speed WiFi to your in-flight experience.
    • Aura specifically states that it will not overbook flights — if you book, your seat is guaranteed.
    • Fees for luggage and seat selection are included with your ticket price — not add-ons.

    If you travel frequently for business, you've probably wished for the convenience and luxury of a private jet at least once. The allure of ample legroom, gourmet meals, and top-flight spirits — along with strong WiFi — is powerful in the extreme.
    Now imagine you could have an experience like this — but at prices closer to what you'd pay for first-class commercial aviation. That's the experience that Aura plans to launch in 2019.
    Initially, flights will go between six major US cities: NYC, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles. Aura is using specially redesigned Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft to seat just 29 passengers per flight — 21 in the lower-tier First class and just eight in the higher tier Wave class.

    They're streamlining the airport experience.
    Aura is contracting with private airports in the cities it serves — which will translate to passengers needing to arrive a mere 20 minutes before boarding. If you're a frequent air traveler, the time savings alone could be worth it to you.
    Aura has two ticket tiers.

    The seats in First allow plenty of room to stretch
    Currently, Aura plans to launch with both member and non-member pricing schemes — and like any similar service, subscribers will pay less for tickets.
    Subscribers — known as Keyholders — will pay $100 per month, which allows unlimited flight access at fixed fares that are, at most, half the cost of what non-subscribers will pay. Since non-member flight prices will fluctuate with demand, Keyholders may actually pay less than half that price.

    The First seats fully recline, too.
    Customers purchasing seats in First will find an experience similar to first class on a commercial flight — only on a smaller, more luxurious plane. Seats are placed in a 2 to 1 configuration with legroom at a 44 inch pitch.
    If that's not luxe enough, Wave class will allow you to fully recline on special AÏANAWAVE zero-gravity seats that were designed in consultation with sleep psychologists and aero-medical scientists.

    Food, drink, and other amenities will give you a sense of home while flying
    A seasonal rotating menu of what Aura calls "fusion tapas" and sushi will be available to all passengers. A full bar including both soft and alcoholic beverages will also be available to all passengers.

    There are plenty of amenities
    Wave class passengers will also have full dining service available from Aura's Meatlocker. This service allows passengers to choose their protein and have it cooked to their exact specifications sous-vide by a chef on the plane — and the proteins are fresh, never frozen.
    All passengers can access high-speed WiFi — and also use a provided iPad Pro in-flight if you like.
    Additional flight schedules to events like Coachella, Sundance, and Art Basel are planned — as well as ski destinations including Aspen and Vail when seasonally appropriate. Aura intends to publish flight schedules 90 days in advance.

    Pricing varies depending on the flight route.
    If you're an Aura Keyholder, a one-way flight between Chicago and Atlanta starts at $280 for First class and $600 for Wave class. That same flight will cost at least $560 for First class and at least $1200 for Wave class for the general public, without a subscription — and those fares may increase at any time if you aren't a Keyholder.
    Chiediti se quello che stai facendo oggi, ti avvicina al luogo dove vorresti essere domani.

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    Predefinito Re: All-business, ma regional: Aura

    Prodotto interessante, con un blend fra l'esperienza personalizzata da executive jet (teminal/hangar privato, servizi business on-board ecc.) e quella da compagnia aerea commerciale.
    Vedremo se e quando partira', e se verranno anche in Europa.

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    Predefinito Re: All-business, ma regional: Aura

    Quote Originariamente inviato da AZ209 Visualizza il messaggio
    Prodotto interessante, con un blend fra l'esperienza personalizzata da executive jet (teminal/hangar privato, servizi business on-board ecc.) e quella da compagnia aerea commerciale.
    Vedremo se e quando partira', e se verranno anche in Europa.
    Sembra essere il trend per la business class short haul. In Europa c’é qualcosa di simile

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